To add to my previous message, EXing the main executable on QPC2 seemingly
allows it to run at any resolution, but without graphics.


On Sun, Jan 12, 2020 at 12:50 PM Daniel Baum <> wrote:

> Hello,
> Thanks for your effort - I'm looking forward to playing the game. Text
> adventure games have become extinct in recent years, and I kind of miss
> them.
> As for SMSQ/E, the game appears to work well on the Q68 at 512x256 in four
> colours. In other solutions, the graphics are corrupted. On QPC2 at QL
> resolutions and colour depth, the game runs but with corrupted graphics.
> Rgds,
> Daniel
> On Sat, Jan 11, 2020 at 8:33 PM peet vanpeebles via Ql-Users <
>> wrote:
>>  I'm not 100%, but I could have sworn a few people have had the game
>> running on SMSQ/E. Have you tried the img disc image? You can also exec the
>> 198ad directly, bypassing the boot file all together. I'll see if I can ask
>> around for some help :)
>>     On Saturday, 11 January 2020, 17:42:51 GMT, Brian Kemmett via
>> Ql-Users <> wrote:
>>  Hi Pete, Just tried out your game using Qemulator with SMSQ/E, it fails
>> with a bad parameter at line 90? Think it's the "EXEC_W" command. Is
>> there any way around this ?
>> regards .. Brian Kemmett
>> On 09/01/2020 08:45, peet vanpeebles via Ql-Users wrote:
>> > Here is my completed game (at last!) For you all to enjoy for free,
>> I've also included the source files, design manual, my working notes, and
>> box art, and the animated intro! The full pack can be downloaded at :
>> >
>> > It was created using ACT and took me years!
>> > I've decided to try and make this, a complete a package as possible.
>> It's bundled with the following:
>> > The original game, with title screen, border and boot file.
>> > The animated intro as a gif file, and all the individual slides as png
>> files. It was my intention to convert each png to an scr file, and make a
>> superbasic animated intro to start before the main game. (Similar to the
>> Christmas I made some years back) I wasn't sure if I'd manage this on an
>> stock 128k QL.
>> > The box art design as png files, with front, rear, and side stickers.
>> (If anyone does make the boxes, please send me one!)
>> > The box manual as a leaflet, this was originally to be A5 with two
>> copies printed back to back on an A4 sheet.
>> > The original source code as ACT build files are all included, so you
>> can build your own version of the game, or edit my modules for use on your
>> own games if you have ACT (this would be great).
>> > A huge PDF design document detailing the whole game in detail, this was
>> built up over a number of years. LOADS OF SPOILERS!
>> > JPG photo images of my working notes, the hand written ones I used as I
>> code the game in ACT. Excuse the hand writing. LOADS OF SPOILERS!
>> > I hope you all enjoy it,
>> > Cheers
>> > Peter / VP
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