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To add to my previous message, EXing the main executable on QPC2 seemingly
allows it to run at any resolution, but without graphics.


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Thanks for your effort - I'm looking forward to playing the game. Text
adventure games have become extinct in recent years, and I kind of miss

As for SMSQ/E, the game appears to work well on the Q68 at 512x256 in four
colours. In other solutions, the graphics are corrupted. On QPC2 at QL
resolutions and colour depth, the game runs but with corrupted graphics.



quick fix for SMSQmulator
maybe Wolfgang has a better soulution

Greetings from Switzerland

1 REMark quick fix for SMSQmulator
3 REMark 512x256 QL colours
4 :
10 LBYTES  flp1_Final_Title_scr,sc
15 BGIMAGE flp1_Final_Title_scr
20 INK #0,2: AT#0,4,0: PRINT #0,"Created by P. Scott using the Adventure Creation Tool. Press a key to continue":k$=INKEY$(-1)
30 INPUT "Please enter 1 for border art or 2 for no border art: ";choice
40 SELect ON choice
50 =1:LBYTES  flp1_Final_Border_scr,sc     :BGIMAGE flp1_Final_Border_scr
70 =2:LBYTES  flp1_blank_scr,sc            :BGIMAGE flp1_blank_scr
80 END SELect
85 :
90 EXEC_W flp1_198ad
92 :
95 MODE 4
97 :
100 DEFine PROCedure SV
110 sc=131072
130 sc=SCR_BASE
140 END IF
150 END DEFine
160 REMark Thanks Dilwyn!!! Boot file originally started During Hungary V Belgium 26/06/2016
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