....68080...miracle could happen?:-)

I am using mainly the Q60 with Peter solution on a modern LCD using the new PLCC developped by him (1024x512 leaving the lower part of the screen black).

I am also playing time by time with Q68 and Mister, for the QL (used rarely) i used a standard VGA converter that work nicely (not perfect, but acceptable)

Future is FPGA, I am then ready for a Q68 Gold Version

However, and as you perfectly know, there are other solutions, based
on "IP cores" and FPGAs. I recently stumbled upon:

That "68080" core (implemented with current FPGAs) is 3 times faster
than a 68060 @ 66MHz !

Sadly it does not implement a MMU, so it won't be able to run Linux
and some programs under SMSQ/E would pose issues (IIRC, QLiberated
programs use the MSB of the address registers to store data, and the
Q40/Q60 uses its MMU to "mask" it).
Perhaps a cut-down MMU support (i.e. MSB address "masking") could be
added to the "68080" core so to solve the issue under SMSQ/E...

A hint for a successor to the Q68 ?... :-D


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