This corrects a problem of loading images on the screen using lbytes.

Yeah, amongst others... I discovered that by pure accident, when I was trying out the (very nice) adventure game written by P. van Peebles.

This must have been in there for quite some time, I wish somebody had told me about it earlier.

Speaking of great adventure games, even the Pawn now works great with SMSQmulator, Tobias Fröschle kindly saw to that.

I have seen that an entry called "JmenuItem1" appears in the File menu.

Ooops. That's for something I may introduce in a future version.

Tell you that I tried the emulator in Haiku (BeOS) and it works
correctly in OpenJDK, but some characters are not shown in the menus.
for example, special characters such as the opening of interrogation or
exclamation, the letter ñ or the ellipses (...) that indicate that this
menu option will open another menu.

You're the first person I know that uses BeOS or it's descendants. Nice!

I'm afraid that there's not much I can do about the characters not showing. Normally Java should use standard unicode (if there is such a thing).

Can you normally display these characters on your system?

It's not the fault of OpenJDK, as that's what I use here.


Thank you for your work.

El 7/2/20 a las 11:34, Wolfgang Lenerz via Ql-Users escribió:
Hi all,

SMSQmulator 2.28 is out now.


Have fun!


NB Sorry if this gets double-posted, I haven't had a return yet...
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