P.I.Cole-The Case Of The Missing Doxie

I've added Andrei Tenu's game, P.I.Cole-The Case Of The Missing Doxie to the Adventure Games page on my website.

In this game you play the part of detective Cole and you have to find a missing woman. The story gets more complex as you play. Collect information and find the answers to "What really happened?", "Who done it?" and "Why?" before the final confrontation in the game, which reveals them all.

There are various versions for different platforms such as FLP image, MDV image (for vDrive users), a QXL.WIN version and a generic zipped version for most other systems. The sources for the game are available too, along with a PDF file manual.

Download the game from: http://www.dilwyn.me.uk/games/adventures/index.html

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