Hi Jan,

> > > Or is there a simple way to convert the sound output socket to a network
> > > socket with minimal damage?
> >
> > It is even possible without *any* damage, but you would lose sound. Some
> > tinkering would be involved, drilling a hole is definitely easier.
> >
> From what I can see I have to remove the capacitors(?) in the PCB tracks to
> the socket, which is quite a challenge given their small size, the crowded
> PCB area and my aging eyes :-(

I wouldn't recommend to use the sound connector anyway. 

> So I have mounted the resistors and diode
> in the area for the expansion connector and used the ground hole on the
> reset connector for ground (I did not dare to use the ground hole on the
> expansion connector as it's very close to the +3.3V and a short-circuit is
> easily made.

Nice idea. Another ground point is the singular pin above the SDRAM 

> Anyway, it's working now... got about 30Kbit throughput between the Q68 and
> a BBQL with GC, which is about the expected rate given the fact that QLnet
> is half-duplex. SERnet between Q68 and PC is about twice as fast at 115200
> baud, but as I said it's easier to do bulk transfers by swapping SDHC
> cards. At least my BBQLs now have easy access to real mass-storage :-).

Glad it works for you. Only 30 Kbit sounds a bit low, was that with 
mass storage or ramdisk?


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