I wonder if this could be the same Andrew Pritchard who wrote some QL software such as QL Conquest, Reversi, SAM, SWIPE, ADVgen, Playwright and Scriptwriter for CGH Services back in the 1980s? I'm afraid I don't have contact details or know if he can be reached.

Some of his software is on my Games page and other pages on my site (use the site search box on home page to find them by searching for "Pritchard").


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Dear all,

I have a 1985 issue of 'QL User', where the results of a graphics
competition were posted. Basic programs of limited length, to produce
some image. The contribution that impressed me most (by far!) was 'Tree'
by A. Pritchard. That was a random image with a tree in the foreground,
an island in the background. With the tree being painted by recursion.
Very cool.

Does anyone here by chance know if A. Pritchard still can be reached?
The reason I am asking: when I recently told a colleague from UK about
this, it turned out he knew a person named A. Pritchard in the early
1980's, who was a fanatic of the ZX Spectrum at the time.

This is the (somewhat expanded for better readability) code:

100 REMark *** QL USER 1985 ***
110 REMark *** Tree by A. Pritchard ***
120 PAPER 5:PAPER#2,5:WINDOW 512,256,0,0
125 WINDOW#2,512,256,0,0:MODE 8
130 INK 7:FILL 1:CIRCLE 80,60,10:FILL 0:INK#2,0
140 FOR i=1 TO 10:CIRCLE 80,2,i,.1,PI/2:NEXT i
150 FOR h=25 TO 12 STEP -1:d:NEXT h:INK 0:FILL 1
160 LINE 0,-3 TO 28,40 TO 36,40:ARC TO 50,-3,PI/2
170 FILL 0:tr 28,40,20,8:INK 3:AT 0,5:OVER 1
180 CSIZE 3,1:PRINT '"Shivering in the Wind"';
190 CSIZE 2,0:PRINT "AP85";
195 :
200 DEFine PROCedure tr(x,y,l,b)
205 LOCal i,f,g,b1
210 IF l<2 THEN RETurn
220 FOR i=1 TO 4
230 b1=b/2:IF b/2 >1 THEN FILL 1
240 f=x+(i*l-1.2*l-RND(1))*1.2:g=y+RND(l*2.3)-1/3
250 k=0:IF i=4 AND l=20 THEN k=3
260 LINE x,y TO f,g TO f+b1-1,g
270 LINE TO x+b-1,y-k TO x,y
280 FILL 0:tr f,g,l/2,b/2:NEXT i
285 END DEFine
287 :
290 DEFine PROCedure d
295 p=RND(150)-30:g=RND(160)
300 INK 3:FILL 1:LINE p,10 TO (p+g)/2,h TO g,10
310 FILL 0:INK 7:LINE (p+g)/2,h TO g,10:INK 3,5
320 FILL 1:LINE p,10 TO (p+g)/2,10-(h-10)/3 TO g,10
330 FILL 0
340 END DEFine

Thanks and best regards,


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