Thank you Dilwyn 
How do I get Back Copy's
Hi have most of them but I need
The ones from 2015 2016 and 2017
in PDF Format
Can You Help Me Dilwyn 
OK All the Best
Simon Foster
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 Read the JOIN QUANTA page on the MEMBERS tab on Quanta website at - I quote:

Full membership, with the magazine sent in PDF format by email, is now free 
but must be renewed on a yearly basis to keep in-line with GDPR regulations. 
Subscription is by CALENDAR YEAR, and runs from the previous January. 
Members joining part way through a subscription period can also receive back 
issues for the current subscription period on request from the membership 

If you are willing to receive the magazine by email as a PDF file, 
membership is now free. If you wish to get paper copies, you still have to 
pay for them, but will need to contact the membership secretary John 
Southern to arrange it and ask how much.


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Hi everyone


Because I can not Find no PayPal Link anymore to my £20.00
can any one Help Me
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