No need to use CD ROM disks, as I have a PC with an SD Card reader on it in the 

I insert the 32Gb SD Card into the reader and copy the QWA container file 
(QXL.WIN file) to it and insert the SD Card into the Q68 SD Card reader Slot 2, 
mount the SD Card and read the files.

Or connect Q68 via SerNET to QPC2 and read the files over the network.

CD-ROM disks not required, they only hold 650mb. 

Also there are no USB drivers for the Q68 or any QL computers.


On 19 April 2020 09:16:56 BST, simon629--- via Ql-Users 
<ql-users@lists.q-v-d.com> wrote:
>You No the Removable Win File is a Removable SD a Well The Next thing
>needs to come out is CD-Rom Support  so If they have to Computers in
>the  house Like a PC and LIKE a Q68 and If you a Portable USB CD Rom
>Drive you could of  unplug it from the  PC and plug it it to the  Q68
>and install All your QL Software from a CD-Rom-Q68 That will  Be the
>Next BIG BIG BIG Think to come out
>On Sunday, 19 April 2020, 08:37:47 BST, Peter Graf via Ql-Users
><ql-users@lists.q-v-d.com> wrote:  
> Hi Wolfgang,
>> SMSQE 3.36 is out. You can get it as usual on wlenerz.com/smsqe
>Many thanks for your maintainance work, covering so many different
>Not that I actually use the Q68 FAT driver, but by chance I noticed a
>configration issue. The "Fat1_ is on card =>" entry exists, but can not
>be selected. ("Fat2_ is on card =>" and higher numbers work.)
>> For the Q68, cards need not be initialized for normal access (a
>> CARD_INIT might still be necessary for the CARD_xx commands).
>I have not enough evidence to actually blame this feature, but would
>recommend a little caution. I had strange issues two times, since I
>tried it instead of just rebooting. In both cases, problems appeared in
>connection with overwriting existing files. I had to concentrate on
>other stuff, so I didn't actually investigate. Reverting to a backup
>image cured it. Could be just coincidence with something else.
>> The
>> keyboard may be handled via interrupts, which may help with certain
>> USB-PS/2 adapters (this needs your FPGA to be updated, though). SER
>> works again correctly.
>Please note that the mentioned FPGA update not just adds keyboard
>interrupt support, but also lowers the rate in which the PS/2 ports are
>sampled. At the moment we wait on more testing. Since the Q68 has no
>field update for the FPGA, persons who have those (not fully PS/2
>standard conforming) adapters should ask Derek.
>All the best
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