Same here. And the version is marked 2B29 in the About.
On 19/04/2020 13:22, Bob Spelten via Ql-Users wrote:
Op Sun, 19 Apr 2020 07:56:30 +0200 schreef Wolfgang Lenerz via Ql-Users <>:

Hi all,

hot on the heels of SMSQE 3.36 comes SMSQmulator 2.29.

Win drives can be made removable.
NFA drives can handle (exec, save and load) files with an XTcc footer,
so that QL files can be  EXEC'd directly from a native drive.

Thanks Wolfgang for the final 2.29.
But it seems something has gone wrong when making the zip.
The unpacked SMSQm8229 only opens it's W$ window, the content is black, no QL windows.
When viewing the supplied SMSQE bin file I see sections of SBasic(?).

Then I copied SMSQE (also 308.5K) from the 3.36 binaries, which looked alright although it said there @h01E0: "<<SMSQMULATORX>>SMSQXq3.350002..".
The result was the same, no booting into my usual .WIN.
BTW The SMSQE 3.36 announcement was too hot for me and never reached my mailbox.


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