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Thanks again. I reloaded the re-upped version.

But under W$7 with most recent Java 8.251 (updated today) nothing
happens, not even the black screen or an error message.

Strange. Just to be sure, I downloaded the file and used it under win7
in a VM where it runs OK with java 8.

Under an old Lubuntu and likely an old Java8 it will start.
Also under W$10 with Java 8.241 there seems to be no problem.

Using a commad line,

java --version
will tell you what java you're running .

The Lubutu reports 1.8.0_66, running SQm8229 OK.
On my Pi3 it's even 1.8.0_65, still running SQm8224 OK.

Trying "java -version" on my W$7(1), I get: "java.lang.ExeptionInInitializerError" and a whole page of other messages.

Then I unzipped the same file on another W$7 machine (2), also having Java 1.8.0_251. There it runs as expected.

So SQm8229 seems OK while there is something wrong with the Java on machine (1) since the last update. Also a cold reset did not cure that.
I probably need to uninstall it and try again.

BTW, -showversion works too but also shows a list of command options.


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