yes, you are right.

What i meant in my previous email is about what i plan to do, I am not saying anything against Atari partition, it is up to the user decide what to do.

I read again, Peter, your previous email, and In case we (Wolfgang:-)) cannot find a solution, I vote in favor to switch back to 335 functionality in this respect as you suggested.

Let me take the opportunity to repeat here the post i put on the forum, so that some of you can find a kind answer...:-)


I am finishing my process of updating my Q40 / Q60, I have installed a new case, a new modular Atx power supply, replaced classics HD with CF/SD readers, eliminated floppy and lastly I would like to update the ROM with the latest version of smsqe.

I have already created, using the compressed version of SMSQE by Wolfgang the LO and HI parts ready to be burned in the 2 eprom.

Now I need your help in find out the exact model of the eprom to use: M27C1024-xxx but what model/brand ? and where to find them (eBay) ? UV or OTP? Can you suggest me which model of eprom programmer to buy and which model of UV lamp to cancel the eprom?
Can I reuse the existing Roms erasing and reprogramming them ?

Many thanks


All the best


On 23/04/2020 11:39, Peter Graf via Ql-Users wrote:
Fabrizio Diversi via Ql-Users wrote:
New configuration I am approaching is to burn new ROM able to load
SMSQ/E 3.36 directly without need of at least one atari partition and
then have a single CF/SD (1 or 2 partition, doesn't care) to be able to
load until 8 QXL.WIN and to have the freedom to share them with Q68.
Especially for sharing with the Q68, the new feature is useless, as it
does not exist there.

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