>> Very interesting, is a common problem using compressed SMSQe Rom with 
>> normal HD ?

It isn't so much the fact that the ROMs are compressed, I just sped up
the Qx0 boot time whilst I was at it.

>> Could be this a value parametrized ?
> I just coded a (very quick) and (totally) dirty 5s delay loop in the
> Q40 HD init code. The *proper* fix would require waiting in a loop
> (that would timeout after 10s or so) for a HD to show up and report
> as being ready on the IDE port(s). This won't need any parameter, but
> perhaps a disabling flag in the SMSQ/E config block, for people not
> using any HD (or IDE drive) and booting only from floppy (disabling
> that feature would allow for faster boot on floppy).

I'll put this into the next version. Should the check be made on all 4
possible disks, or only on the one in target 0?

>> Well I am curious to know what you did, can be this module published ?
> Patch attached. I already reported the issue and transmitted the patch
> to Wolfgang as well, a few months ago. I suppose I'm the only person
> affected (with perhaps the only known configuration regrouping a low
> spinning drive and a fast (overclocked) Q60)...

Unless I'm mistaken, nobody else raised that with me.

I must have mislaid your previous fix, could you send it to me again?

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