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> this is the "device" I use on the Q60: 
> https://www.amazon.fr/Syba-SD-ADA45006-Interne-lecteur-m%C3%A9moire/dp/B0036DDXUM
> The device can fit 2 CF, the master on one side, the slave on the other.

Probably just another controller-less adapter, but with two slots for
master and slave, and consequently without Master/Slave/Cable-select
jumper, which would be superfluous.

> -    As a master I have an IBM microdrive (1gb) 

Ah yes... IBM Microdrives are not CF (memory) cards; they are 1" micro
hard disks, so it is not a surprise it works like a charm when plugged
on an IDE port (they were designed for it, and some even got a 40 pins
IDE connector to plug directly into the connector of a motherboard).
Sadly, brand new Microdrives cannot be found any more, or at astronomic
prices only, and as a mechanical device, they are not more reliable than
an old 3.5" or 2.5" PATA IDE drive...

See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microdrive

> -    As a slave I have a 4 GB Toshiba SD HC with a CF adapter Type II. 

Any pointer on such an adapter ?... That could be a good solution if
it indeed can plug in IDE to CF adapters and let us use a SDHC card.
Such an adapter would have an IDE controller inside, which would also
explain why it works fine.

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