Marcel Kilgus via Ql-Users wrote:
> Fabrizio Diversi via Ql-Users wrote:
>> This issue seems to address newer SMSQ/E in Eprom, I used second
>> hand ST M27C1024 eprom 120ns. I ordered completely new eprom from
>> China the same Brand but with 100ns.....not sure where is the
>> problem.
> SMSQ/E never executes from EPROM, it is always copied to RAM first. So
> any problem with the EPROM would certainly result in an instant crash.

Since the Q60 has no separate loader like the Q68, SMSQ/E has to execute
from EPROM at first, to do the copying.

If the EPROM has a timing problem on the borderline, it is possible that
only very little data is corrupted during the copying process from ROM
to RAM. Which could result in something that is not an immediate crash.

(I'm not saying it is a timing problem.)
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