Hi Jason,

> I realize I'm 19 years late to the party, but does these boards exist
> anymore?

Nice to hear that my good old design is still of interest. The Q60 still
exists and has a die-hard user base, but is no longer officially
manufactured. The Q40/Q60 version of the SMSQ/E operating system is
still maintained.

It appears that your interest is not QL related, but more driven by the
68060 CPU as such. Can you tell us a little more about it? Would you
want a QL operating system at all, or is 68K Linux preferred?

> How hard would it be to get them made again?

There is a slow-going effort to build a few more boards from leftover
parts, on a hobbyist basis. The outcome is hard to predict.

>From time to time, I vaguely consider designing a completely new 68060
mainboard with modern HDMI video output, and SDHC cards instead of
floppy and IDE harddisk. Would such a machine come close to what you like?

All the best
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