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my eBook created from the articles in QL Today over the years has recently been converted to a paper copy by "Tinyfpga" (on the Ql Forum).

You can read details on this posting:

This published issue was created with my blessing and "Tinyfpga" is responsible for the quality etc of the finished article - I think it's very good. if you would like a copy, there are details on how to get hold of one. No money will come to me, which is fine, and I don't think "Tinyfpga" gets any either.

Another reader of the printed book, "AJB" on QL Forum, has started a thread on Ql Forum about errors and problems that he has found in the book. That thread is at if you are interested in following along.

I have now fixed most of the problems encountered by "AJB" and uploaded a new PDF. There are a couple of things still to be done, but those require additional sections to be added to the source - when time allows.

In the meantime, the August 2020 version can be found at if you want to update your PDF copy. Only the PDF is required, you can ignore the source code stuff - that refers to the book's source code (LaTeX files) as opposed to any example programs in the book.

I suspect that there will be more changes coming soon - for certain values of "soon"!


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