Wolfgang Lenerz via Ql-Users wrote:
> I also saw your info about the MOD player, I haven't had a chance to try
> this yet on SMSQmulator, you experince there seems to have been, ah,
> sub-optimal...

While I just tried to make a demonstration video of it I chanced upon
the menu item "Sound volume" and checked it out. It was set to 50 for
some reason, which not only made the sound a lot quieter but also
added a lot of distortion. Probably because it's VERY quiet, much less
than 50%, more like 10%.

When set to 100 SMSQmulator sounds a *lot* better, more or less like
QPC, only a lot louder. A setting of 90 for some reason is about as
loud as QPC and still sounds good.

One more thing: after starting SMSQmulator fresh it currently doesn't
work at all. The MOD player plays like 30 times faster than real time
but no sound comes out. The second song selected afterwards works

Cheers, Marcel

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