I belive you are talking on the Planet 68K talk 22/01/21 is that correct?What 
will you be talking about ? Will all this stuff be mentioned?
Thanks for the hard work John A

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 Simon wrote:
>  Thank You Ever So Much Urs  for QLE 3.20 it is Very Very Good  how easy to
> put My Bought  bought software on to it and the now QCP and QcCoCo can
> you please Help OK Thank's Urs
Thank you for your feedback on QL/E!

Yes I know, QCoCo and some other nice tools are still not integrated, but at 
least Colourways are in since version 3.19.

Focus for the new version 3.20 was:
- SMSQ/E v3.36 (released April 2020)
- SMSQmulator 2.29 (released April 2020)
- FiFi v5.04 (released March 2020)
- the updates which Marcel did during 2020 to packages such as QPAC2, QD, Chess
- Marcel's new MODPlay (release October 2020)
- Tobias' Magnetic Scrolls interpreter (released December 2019)
- Martyn's Q68 QL NET support (released June 2019)
- Martin's Q68 IP NET support (released December 2020)

More Information:

Download QL/E:

Important note for Q68 users:
Q68 users should use CFG to set the NET TCP/IP either to „none“ or 
„192.168.1.x“ (I use x=8 as this is free in my LAN and reminds me of the Q68) 
to avoid boot failing at line 11425.

QL forever!

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