I am enjoying so much with the recent development in QL area that I want to deeply thank Marcel and Wolfgang for the work you have done for yours emulators, for SMSQ/E OS and finally for developping new features for FPGA compatible systems, same thanks should go to all the other that have contributed with important pieces eg Ipnet....and many others (PJW etc etc)

Ipse dixit


On 24/01/21 11:14, Marcel Kilgus via Ql-Users wrote:
QPC1 went on sale in 1996, almost 25 years ago. Talk about commitment!

It's become sort of a tradition to make QPC2 releases on the birthday
of my daughter: exactly 7 years ago QPC2 became free, exactly 4 years
ago I released the last version and today I can finally present QPC2

It has been a gruesome push to make the exact date, but thanks to
Wolfgang Lenerz for making my time plan possible!

Read up on the details here:


Enjoy, Marcel

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