Hi, I am also using SDRAM v1 and core: Mister_QL_20200927 (last one available) and all is fine*.* Sorry not to help you more.

** <https://www.kilgus.net/soft/MiSTer_QL_20200927.zip>

On 02/02/21 14:15, Michael Grunditz via Ql-Users wrote:
Den tis 2 feb. 2021 09:58Marcel Kilgus via Ql-Users <
ql-users@lists.q-v-d.com> skrev:

Michael Grunditz via Ql-Users wrote:

With js rom I get a white screen.

Osd menus works in both cases.

I might have a bug in the fpga,  but not sure if it is that .

The "official" core works just fine.
Looks like a problem with RAM data bus line DQ13 (pin 13 on
connector). RAM board DIY or bought? SDRAMv1 or v2?

What maximum frequency does the RAM test core detect?

The oldest core you have on your website works. Reading the change log it
looks like "adding support for v2" is the problem.
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