Op 13/02/2021 om 11:24 schreef pjwitte via Ql-Users:
There appears to be a problem with the JVA_SYNCSCRAP job in Windows (10). I find it impossible to use the scrap, both internally (eg QD <-> QD) or from Windows (eg Notepad <-> QD). It always contains the same random text that never gets updated.

Stopping the SYNCSCRAP job cures the problem internally, but then the Windows <-> SMSQmulator facility also doesnt work, unless JVA_SGET/SPUT is used first.

The syncscrap job did work at some point, but doesnt now, and didnt in V2.29 either.

Apparently, in Windows, dont know about Linux, CTRL doesnt work as part of any Hotkey sequence; ALT + CTRL + x doest do anything although defined. Is this fixable?


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Same here with Windows 7.

François Van Emelen

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