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actually functions are present in EXTRAS.

Things like AND, OR, NOT (and, yes INSTR) are considered to be operators (like + or -), and thus will not show up with EXTRAS.



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INSTR gone?

The function can still be used but is no longer present in 'EXTRAS. How is that possible?
It's not an instruction and was never listed in EXTRAS. The same way
"AND" is not listet, or "TO".

I wonder if you were thinking of the INSTR_CASE extension in SBASIC?
That did, and still does, show up in the EXTRAS listing.

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Hi Dilwyn,

No, I meant 'INSTR' but I completely forgot fonctions are not present in 'EXTRAS':stupid of me, of course.

'WHERE' and 'EXISTS' can't detect function either.

INSTR_CASE is present in 'EXTRAS' as it is an instruction.

I never used INSTR_CASE as it didn't do its job in Qliberated Executables. ( many years ago).

Isn't the fact that functions are difficult to detect a problem for utility 'Namecheck'?

Sorry for my late reply, but yesterday end of the afternoon I had to go the the vaccination center to get my second 'shot'.

Have a fine weekend,

François Van Emelen

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You are right, even my own functions (qliberated qbasic) are visible in Extras.

Thanks for correcting me.

François Van Emelen

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