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If it were only that easy.. :o(

I havent gone through all of it, but just a couple of things:

MACHINE would be better for sorting out wots wot, except not all
systems implement it. However, you can get the same info directly from
the system variables. I dont have the details to hand, but Im sure
someone will produce them any moment now..

EMU_VER$ was a result of my nagging to get some semblance of
conformity across the various emulators (Why does each emulator have a
different command to do the same thing!) The idea was that EMU_xxx
would replace JVA_xxx and QPC_xxx and anything else like it. Sadly,
that didnt happen only SMSQmulator complied (but then still kept the
old JVA_xxx) However, one day QPC (and/or any other) may conform and
then BANG! goes your test for SMSQmulator. If you want to do it that
way, better target JVA_VER$.

Just a wee logical slip up: You cant use FDEC$ unless either TK2 or
SMSQ/E (or some other toolkit I dont know about) are present.

I can add that to sQLux pretty easilly (the EMU_VER$) any documentation I 
should read?


The bits in the SMSQmulator readme and QPC Keywords manuals that describe the JVA_xxx/QPC_xxx keywords.

EMU_EXIT, EMU_VER$, EMU_MINIMISE, EMU_NETNAME$, EMU_NETADDR$, EMU_HOSTOS$ are things you might consider. It seems to me to make sense to support the existing command set rather than invent parallel ones.

Its a while since I used xQLx, so I may be talking through my hat here. Back then it seemed to masquerade as a QL emulator with a few extras thrown in. But it now seems to me to be a true alternative platform/system in its own right. Maybe its time it came out of the closet? In which case, and while youre at it, you may wish to confer with Wolfgang about adding some bits and pieces to the system variables, eg sys_mtyp, $00A7, and possibly others..


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