Wolfgang wrote:
> SMSQE 3.38 is out now.
That's great news! Thank you for the great work and support.

My QL season starts Oct 31 every year, so that's a perfect match!

Speaking of Oct 31, way back in 2009 we had the great "QL & Mac are 25"
international event at the Conference Center of the Verkehrshaus Lucerne in
I remember we had very nice autumn weather those days. Same we had today,
sunny, blue sky, 16 degrees Celsius. I went hiking with beautiful view to
the Alps.

> Have fun!
Yes, I will.

I time and patience allows I will release QL/E v3.21 with latest SMSQ/E,
SMSQmulator and QPC2 later on this year.

QL forever!

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