Version 3.45 of the Q-Liberator BASIC compiler has been launched.

This version was submitted to me by Per Witte, who has done a fair bit
of work on rationalising the distribution, by splitting the compiler
into a runtime disk (what you need to compile programs) and a sources
disc, for those who like to study the sources of the compiler to see
how it works and who may like to co-operate on future development and
bug fixes.

In this new version 3.45 (or v3.45a as it appears on-screen), there is
a bug fix relating to Externals (compiled external procedures), where
the HISTORY_TXT file says that “A fixed location in Qlib_run was
sought but not found due to change in length of introduction string.”

There is no significant change to the functionality of the compiler
since the previous version.

The compiler is available to download as either floppy disc images or
as regular QL format zipped files for those whose systems don’t
support floppy disc images.

On the runtimes disc, the package is now split into a set of
directories with the documents in one directory, for example, and the
demo files in another directory. While fairly obvious, it does mean it
needs to be used on a system which support level 2 filing system – a
system supporting QL directories.

The runtime compiler disc is a single 720K disc image, while the
sources come on a larger 1.4MB disc image.

Q-Liberator v3.45 may be downloaded free of charge from my website at . In case of difficulty, it
may also be downloaded from the mirror site at . In both cases, scroll
down to the “QLiberator v3.45” section about halway down the page.

Previous recent versions of the compiler will remain available for
posterity, or in case issues with the current version force you to
revert to using an earlier version. The last full commercial version
of the compiler from publisher Liberation Software was v3.36.

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