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Just to chime in, the newest SMSQmulator (hopefully) to come out in a
few days will do the same, i.e. treat NFA/SFA as win type.

There is a reason for (at least for me):

I use QD extensively.
When QD saves data to a file, it first of all checks the device type via
iof.xinf. If it detects that the drive is registered as a an msdos type
device, it saves the file with line ending CR+LF, instead of the normal
LF as used on win devices.

If you now try to use the MacroAssembler to assemble a file that
contains macros, this will fail (the MA seems to calculate the number of
bytes it has got, which will be wrong as the NFA driver converts CF+LF
to LF automagically) The MA then resets the file position to somewhere
in the file, corresponding to the number of bytes before the macro (I
suppose to read th emacro again) and that will be wrong, so that it
reads something other in the file and then fails.

That being said, might I make a suggestion?

Giorgio said:

    The old behavior was that DMEDIUM_DRIVE returned -1 when pointing
to a dos disk. it was not "correct" but it allowed me to distinguish the two
Indeed, that's not the right way, one should use the DMEDIUM_TYPE
function for that (returns 1 - qdos, 2 - msdos etc) - but this won't
help you, as that now returns "qdos" device type for dos and nfa/sfa.

However, the specifications also provide for a device sub-type, which is
not returned by any function and which, AFAIK is not used. One might
possibly use that to return 1 or 2 as sub-type also.

I'd be willing to create the new basic keyword for that in SMSQE

Would that be agreeable to all?

Have fun!



Hi Wolfgang,

While working on the next version of SMSQmulator could you verify if LBYTES works correctly on your  system?

LBYTES  Filename_scr,SCR_SCR_BASE seems to lock SMSQmulator: SO TAKE CARE

105 REMark
110 REMark OPEN_IN#3,dev1_bckgrnd_wallpaper_def:INPUT#3,p$:CLOSE#3
115 PAPER 6:CLS: REMark instead of WL_BMP8LOAD p$ for testing
120 :
130 :
135 REMark  dev1_dump_scr  can be displayed correctly in QPC2
140 REMark with LBYTES dev1_dump_scr,scr_base
145 :
150 REMark but locks SMSQmulator
155 REMark dump_scr is 4147200 long
160 REMark Screen size 1920x1080
165 REMark window mode fullscreen


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