On 23/12/2021 22:31, desin via Ql-Users wrote:
100 OPEN #1,"con_"
110   WINDOW #1,256,256,0,0
120 CLS
130 a$= "hello" :b$= "Hello"
140 PRINT#1, a$,a$,a$ INSTR a$
150 PRINT#1, a$,b$,a$ INSTR b$
160 PRINT " case 1"
180 PRINT#1, a$,a$,a$ INSTR a$
190 PRINT#1, a$,b$,a$ INSTR b$
200 PRINT " case 0"
220 PRINT#1, a$,a$,a$ INSTR a$
230 PRINT#1, a$,b$,a$ INSTR b$
240 PAUSE #1

SMSQE works as expected
but not as Qlib Job
Any ideas ?


Probably because Qlib doesnt know that there are two different instr routines in SMSQ/E. The INSTR keyword is part of the S*BASIC language; it isnt like a toolkit function, so Qlib probably calls this routine directly which, unlike SBASIC's keyword, doesnt check the sb_cinst flag before execution.

It could probably easily be fixed, but it still wouldnt work on a Qdos machine as the underlying code isnt there.

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