Thank You Ever Ever So Much For the. New QLE Urs it is Very Very Very Very 
GOOD!!!!!!!!&FAB!!! And a Happy New Year to All QL-Users Have a Good One All 
the Best 
Simon Foster
    On Friday, 31 December 2021, 12:21:39 GMT, Urs Koenig (QL) via Ql-Users 
<> wrote:  
 Hi QLers,

as the final of a bombatic 2 months firework which brought us new releases of 
QPC2, SMSQmulator, SMSQ/E, QemuLator and sQLux, here's the Distribution which 
include all free ones!

QL/E v3.21 (Codename "Circle of Life", 2021 edition) is out now!

Details about it, Download & More as usual on the website, link 
see message footer.

I wish you all a healthy, prosperous and Happy New Year 2022!


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