thank you, your answer solved the issue I had, Qbox work fine.

This is true for QPC2 under MS win10 but not for my main QPC2 system under MacBook M1 using Crossover where, when Qbox start, I got an error QSPILTCP: bind socket failed, retrying in 60 msec.

Same using SMSQmulator under MacBook M1(Monterey): QSPILTCP: cannot set TCP_NODELAY option: not implemented - io.open in sp.wtcall returned error: not implemented

Quite obvious this is an issue linked with Macbook and Crossover emulation, not a big issue for me as the Qbox server is on Qpc2 hosted on Win10 and Qterm client work fine under MacBook/Crossover/Qpc2­čśü

Thank you again for your support


On 09/03/22 21:17, Jan Bredenbeek wrote:
Hi Fabrizio,

Just start QBOX with the -T option, i.e. EX QBOX;'-T'. This bypasses the clock check. Then log on and log off, this will correct the time stamp on the USERS_BBS file. After this, you won't need the -T option if your clock is set correctly (QBOX only complains when the time stamp of USERS_BBS is in the future or more than 1 year in the past :)).


On 09-03-2022 15:13, Fabrizio Diversi via Ql-Users wrote:
sorry if this topic was discussed elsewhere, but, after I updated my Qbox Server system (Raspberry/SMSQmulator) with latest programs/os etc (SMSQ/E 3.38), Qbox refuse to start with the error "QBOX: wrong Clock setting" and cannot find why. this happen......either I cannot find any document that explain QBOX errors messages meaning....
Any help will be appreciated :)

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