Or, just shift the hosting and country of publication to an EU country or
the US?


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> "Red tape" existed because companies and individuals couldn't be
> trusted to be legal, decent and honest by themselves. Laws and
> regulations were introduced for a reason. So when politicians use the
> phrase "reduce red tape" or "free ourselves from the EU shackles",
> expect an ulterior motive. Somebody with a connection to the
> government will profit. Ordinary people will suffer. Just like we've
> come to expect from the Johnson government. Sadly, we have such an
> ineffective opposition in this country that they know they'll get away
> with just about anything now.
> I've no wish to learn the necessary web programming skills and no wish
> to invest in software to cope with this, so I'll just close my sites
> down if it comes to that.
> On Fri, 17 Jun 2022 at 23:56, Richard Howe via Ql-Users
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> > It's one of those times when you genuinely wonder if they really are
> stupid,
> > or intelligently progressing a hidden agenda.
> >
> > Richard Howe
> Precisely, Richard.
> Dilwyn
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