>  That is Good News Dilwyn About The LaunchPad Update   How do I Update Mine  
> All The Best Keep up the  Good Work That is FAB News Simon Foster/simon629

1. Go to http://www.dilwyn.me.uk/gen/launchpad/demo/demo.html

2. Scroll down the page until you find the "Launchpad 2.12 Update"
section. Short instructions there, basically this:

3. Download the file labelled launchpad212updt.zip and unzip those files.

4. This contains three files - LAUNCHPAD_OBJ, HISTORY_TXT and
HISTORY_DOC. You can either overwrite the old files with those names,
or rename them temporarily until you know that this version works on
your system (if you rename them, and it doesn't work, you can just
delete the 3 new files and rename the old ones back to revert to the
old version).

5. Doing an update in this way means that (if done properly) all the
old settings, icons etc will all be kept.
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