Does anyone know whats going on here?


Even stranger : once you run this and it failed, change the variable name ("ch") to something else (like "cht") everywhere . Run it - and it works. Save the prog with that new variable name, start a new basic session, load the prog, run it- and it fails. Change "cht" back to "ch" - and it works.

Have fun (?)


SBASIC only: EXecute the following program:

100 ch = FOPEN("con"): CLS#ch
110 test ch, 1
120 PAUSE#ch
130 CLOSE#ch
140 :
150 DEFine PROCedure test(ch, a)
160 PRINT#ch; a
180 END DEFine test

Result in this case:

At line 150:4 DEFines may not be within other clauses

However there are various error conditions depending on how the program
is constructed. In the worst case it just hangs and must be RJOBed.

What seems to get the interpreter's knickers in a twist is a parameter
being referenced using the same name as the parameter, 'ch' in this case.
This is supposed to be perfectly "legal". I dont know when this behaviour
started but Ive noticed it for a while.

It would be nice if this could be fixed as, for example, in larger
projects, when using library code you dont necessarily notice that variable
names are the same a parameter names, and so you may end up getting
unexplained hangs or obscure error messages that dont actually relate to
the problem.


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