Op 31/03/2023 om 11:54 schreef Dilwyn Jones via Ql-Users:
As I'm getting a large number of "where's the QL homepage gone" type
emails despite my extensive efforts at publicising the change, I'm
assuming QL users don't read extensively published information (Forum,
ql-users list, blog, Facebook, redirect on old site for weeks for

The old site (the domain especially) was a never ending source of
trouble for me, so the nice folks at QL Forum agreed to host it at

If you can't remember the URL, just bookmark the new one. If all else
fails, just go to the QL Forum site and follow the "QL Homepage" link
at the top. If you're not on QL Forum, it's well worth joining up (and
it's free to do so, with QL-related posts pretty much every day!)

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Hi Dilwyn,

Already switched to the new location some weeks ago.

François Van Emelen

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