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Two new softwares from Alain Haoui:

QubLink v1.04 is a PE driven utility program allowing an easy way to
manage hard and soft drive linking on different QL systems.

It is in some ways a multi-platform variant of the well known
utilities WINLINK (from G.Underwood) and QIRC (from P.Witte) together.

It works on expanded BBQL with QubIDE/Clones under QDOS/Minerva, Qx0
and QPC2 running SMSQ/E. Recent TK2 and PE are mandatory, GD2 and
QPAC2 are only recommended.

QubLink was written by QubATA author Alain Haoui.

Download the software free of charge from

DiReXt is a system toolkit which adds a few commands to BASIC to
perform various directory tree operations on level 2 file systems. It
was written by the author of QubATA, Alain Hauoi.

DiReXt, also known as Directories Recursive eXtensions, consists of
extensions to copy, rename, move, backup and sync entire directories.

Here's a list of the extensions:

RENAME_DIR - rename recursovely a whole DIR tree
COPY_DIR - copy recursively a whole DIR tree
MOVE_DIR - move recursively a whole DIR tree
BACKUP_DIR - backup recursively a whole DIR tree
SYNC_DIR - synchronise two directory trees
DUP_DIR - duplicate a directory tree (only directories)
LIST_DIR - list all files in a directory tree
STAT_DIR - show statistics for each subdirectory
TOUCH_DIR - touch all files update date in a tree
DELETE_DIR - delete all files and sub-directories
HELP_DIR - short help text

The toolkit is available to download free of charge from
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