Hi Norman,

I have nothing recent, sorry.


This is a copy of a message I posted on the QL Forum, for anyone interested who doesn't use the forum.

I wanted to check if I had the latest copies of George's assemblers GWASL and GWASS and discovered that http://gwiltprogs.info is no longer present, other than a blank landing page.

It would be a huge shame if George's programs vanished from the world, in my opinion, so I have set them up on the SinclairQL's github at https://github.com/SinclairQL/GeorgeGwilt.

I have, from my own downloads folder, uploaded the following:

     GWASS Program and source.
     GWASL Program and source, various versions.
     EASYPEASY Program and source, various versions.
     SETW Program and source, various versions.
    Also, George's various development libraries needed to compile the other stuff.

I've put a README.md file in each separate application folder to explain, as best as I've been able to find out, what each of the files are and which versions of the application they apply to.

I don't have the sources or binaries for Turbo, so if you have those, can you either add a new folder and upload them, or let me have them and I'll do the needful. Thanks. I suspect that they are on Dilwyn's fine web site.

Likewise, George's TurboPE stuff. Which I never got around to using.


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