Hi Mitxel,

just for Your information:

- I'm running Windows 10 home (not in a virtual machine).

- My QMS is normally the latest patch from the repository compiled using Helmuts instructions for Windows (also the ones regarding GDAL).

- In my tests I followed strictly Your proposals.

- The -d command line parameter is for *NIX systems only. With Windows You can use "-f" to get a logfile with debug info in the users application Temp directory. There I found the GDAL_PATH problem which seems to cause my problems.

- If I understand Helmut correctly, then there is no way to use "brute force" to replace the default GDAL by one at another location.

- I didn't test MBTILES files, but I expect a similar behavior.



Am 08.08.2017 um 10:36 schrieb Mitxel:
Hi all
First, thanks to Helmut for preparing the windows version and installer, also for the hint in the wiki pointing to the right package in gisinternals. Basically I have followed the first step that is indicated in the wiki ( copy the entire bin directoruy) and then add another the step to move the gdalplugins to a folder at same level that gdal111.dll

This way is working for me and (and for some others afaik), but unfortunately does not for Wolfang and I can not give a hint :( . I know that this proposal is a rough workaround and that's why I suggested more testing before writing anything in the wiki. I must say that I am not an "expert" but a motivated user., and as Wolfang has pointed the .bat I provided must be tunned.

I agree with Helmut and Wolfang that the actual folder structure must remain. I dont want to generate any extra work or headache, apart of testing. And, as Helmut says, It will be more easy replacing only the needed files in the current structure by yourself If you want/need the plugins support .
I am going to test this way and I will  suit a new .bat if necessary.

More than in ECW I am focusing in MBTiles because more and more authorities are providing very good maps in mbtiles and I think it is an open format.

For Wolfang: At home I have tested with a "win10 enterprise evaluation copy" downloaded directly from MS, I have put this in a VM with virtual box running in my Linux Mint. I know how to read/copy the QMS activity when I start QMS with the -d option in a linux terminal, .. but in Win I am competely lost at this point. When I start qmapshack -d in a command windows, nothing is shown. Is there a way to do this in win? So I could give you some extra information to guess the differneces if you want.

Many thanks to all of you!


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