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2017-08-08 12:47 GMT+02:00 Wolfgang Thämelt <k-w.thaem...@web.de>:

> - The -d command line parameter is for *NIX systems only. With Windows You
> can use "-f" to get a logfile with debug info in the users application Temp
> directory. There I found the GDAL_PATH problem which seems to cause my
> problems.
Thanks! I will do so.

> - If I understand Helmut correctly, then there is no way to use "brute
> force" to replace the default GDAL by one at another location.

I will do a new attempt with the gisinternals stuff overwritting the
current one at the same folder the current files live now.

> - I didn't test MBTILES files, but I expect a similar behavior.

Yes ,Probably it will be the same.


I have packed some mbtiles for those who want testing:

Cabrera Islands National Park
This is a minimal mbtiles. Only 2Mb.

Islas Atlanticas:
(12 Mb)

You download a zip file with:

.mbtiles   | the map file Downloaded from Spanish IGN web site
.vrt file  |  generated with QMS
.gpx file  | With a Waypoint within the map area.
.txt | with the reference to the IGN webpage

These IGN mbtiles are made with different layers at different scales that
behav like overviews. Before the Olivers last commit related to
overviews(43b0987) only the most detailed one was shown at close zoom
levels. Since that commit more levels are shown as an overview when zooming
out,  ...and  with no need to generate  gdaladdos overviews ..great!

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