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I am currently uploading the Windows installer.

Build instructions
are updated showing how to build libjpeg

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I am not sure whether the changed reference to the doc sub-repo is correct or not.

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Am 05.03.2018 um 19:03 schrieb Oliver Eichler:

release time! There is quite bunch of changes I want to present in detail:

*Migrating QMapTool and friends into the QMapShack project*
I think it's easier for everyone to have this stuff in a single compile 
environment, installer or package. For Linux I tried my best to make the 
install process as compliant as possible. Please tell me if something is 
missing from the package maintainer's perspective. I am not sure if there are 
further changes needed for OS X and Windows. The final binaries are:

qmapshack    - well of course
qmaptool     - if QMapShack finds QMapTool in the path there will be a menu entry 
"Tool->Start QMapTool"
qmt_rgb2pct  - this is my replacement of rgb2pct from GDAL, to handle the alpha 
channel correctly
qmt_map2jnx  - this is the same as in QLandkarte GT (map2jnx). It will be used 
by QMapTool in the future

Wolfgang did a great job and started the QMapTool Wiki:


*No-go areas for BRouter*
Thanks to Norbert's persistent work you can convert each waypoint, track, route 
and area to a no-go area. As Wolfgang accompanied the development process by 
extending the Wiki on the spot there is nothing left for me to write. Read the 
excellent Wiki article:


*New speed filter*
Karl provided a new track filter to estimate the speed and thus the time on a 
bike tour. It has several preset profiles and a few profiles for customized 
settings. The idea is to adjust the speed as a function of the slope. The 
parameters are not extensively tested. Therefor any feedback will be welcome.

To do the same for hiking will be a future challenge. There are well known 
models to estimate the tour duration by taking the climb rate and distance into 
a account. The trick will be to derive timestamps for each point out of that.

*Framework to process realtime data*
That is a little bit of my work. From time to time there are requests to display 
the position from a GPS source or to display GIS items that are subject to a time 
based change like S&R progress. So far there was no framework in QMapShack to 
handle that kind of data. Personally I am not much interested in implementing that 
kind of stuff. So it's still up to those interested in those features to send a 
pull request. But I do acknowledge that starting from scratch without an API or 
framework is quite high level. That's why I decided to give it a start.

As I needed a simple and reliable source to sketch the concept I decided to use 
the OpenSky service. This is a project that records the position data and 
identifiers sent by aircrafts. Sure it's kind of boring to see plains moving 
every ten seconds on a map but it's sufficient to show how realtime data can be 
acquired, displayed and recorded. If you are interested have a look into the 
src/qmapshack/realtime folder.

The data is drawn as fourth layer (first three: map, DEM, GIS). And can be 
anything not limited to simple positions. For example:

* Display the current time or a world clock
* Display weather data (clouds, rain, lightning)
* Display your own GIS data from a database
* Display pictures or realtime video
* Display data from remote sensors and their position

And many more. It's up to you.

*Summary drop zones*
That's a feature I really wanted to have for a long time and finally found time 
to implement it. I organize my data in projects for each tour and I copy the 
tracks into a yearly summary folder and an all time summary folder. By that I 
have a nice overview and statistics over all my data. So far coping the tracks 
was quite cumbersome because I had to load the summary folders to the 
workspace, copy the tracks and answer the popup dialogs when saving the data. 
Not that much to do but a constant little nuisance. Now I have drop zones in my 
database dock widget that have attached one or several folders in the database. 
I drag-n-drop my tracks over the drop zones and the tracks are automatically 
linked into the attached folders.

Of course Wolfgang documented the feature in the Wiki:


Have fun with the release!


Add: QMapTool and friends as sub-project
Add: Reverse route
Add: BRoute binding to local address instead of all interfaces
Add: Use track timestamp as arrival time for waypoints attached to track
Add: Optional overview generation to vrt builder
Add: Add left button long press action to open menu on canvas
Add: Framework to process and display realtime data
Add: Drop zones to collect items in summary folders of the database
Add: Extend BRouter no-go areas to tracks, routes and areas
Add: Calculate timestamps for tracks depending on the slope for bikes
Fix: Clean up action enabling/disabling for GIS item menus
Fix: Restructure mouse handling to solve some peculiar behavior
[Issue #294] Missing error message in case of wrong map coordinate system
[Issue #305] Nodata value 0 not accepted in VRT
[Issue #289] Add-color-change-for-multiple-tracks

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Check out the vibrant tech community on one of the world's most
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