Yes, drawing icons is always a PITA. :) And I am not really good at it.
I have two concerns regarding your solution:
* It's taking a track filter from the filter section making it a normal action. If we start that, we have to discuss the other filters that do not use input parameters sooner or later, too.
* The number of toolbuttons in the track bubble is already quite high. I fear that users get intimidated by too many buttons. That's why I would like to keep their number low. The last changes already increased them quite much.
Maybe Rainer's suggestion is better. I could add a combobox to select the view.
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Hi Oliver

Probably it is a corner case as , at least now is known what happens.
About solutions, here is an idea:
- As you say the origin of the problem is that the "replace elevation with DEM data" filter is called from a tab that have no relation with any DEM, so is impossible to guess from which View / DEM must pick the data.
-So, ...Why not remove that function from the "edit track" tab and put it in a single button in the floating window that pops up when you click the track in the map view? In this case there is no doubt to pass just that view to DEM retrieval. 
Of course,  that would be the only way to access to that action. So no error is possible  
I know... Removing that action from the filter tab sounds hard but it could make sense:  Actually  if you want to apply the DEM data to a track you have four steps:
- edit track
- Filter tab
- change elevation
- Aply DEM data.
But in fact , unlike other filters, this one is a "one-click" action, so it is a good candidate to live in the floating menu, in the same way that now lives the new  "change track color"  button .
( I really appreciate this new button to change the track color in one click!! )
It make sense also to leave the other elevations filters in the FILTER tab,  because the user has to tip some parameters before running them.

It is only an idea....

If you find that this is a solution  I can contribute an icon  for the menu  ( That is not a great help, but saves some time ;-)
2018-03-12 17:10 GMT+01:00 Oliver Eichler <>:
Ok, I know what's happening here:
It's a bit of a problem to know which view to use to read elevation data. If the view is visible it's easy. But if another tab other than a map view is visible, it's hard to know which one to use.  At the moment QMS uses the first one in the list of views. So on case of the track filter it's always the first one.
This has been a problem from the very beginning and I never found a good solution:
* It wouldn't be a problem if the track edit dialog would be a normal dialog like all the other 3 edit dialogs for waypoint, route, and area. However it's such a large and complex dialog that integrating it in the tab widget seems to be a good idea. Additionally you can open several track edit dialogs at a time and access them easily.
* If you open a track edit dialog from a view, it would be possible to pass the view for DEM retrival. However if you open it from the workspace list and the current tab is not a view, we have the same situation not knowing which view to use. This can also happen if the track edit dialog is a real dialog because the current visible tab could be a project summary.
* If the user opens tracks from several views he/she will lose track of which view is attached to what track very soon.
* If a view would be attached to a track and the view is closed while the track edit dialog is still open a fall back is needed. And the user might not notice wondering again.
Probably there are more caveats and corner cases to think about.
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