Hi all

 I agree with the need to mantain a clear interface, but IMHO  putting some
of this actions in the pop-up track menu would be a great facility for
everyday use, and this does not necessary mean to  increase the number of
icons drastically.  A good solution for this would be one only button for
all  the "one click" filters,  in the same style that the "set track
activity" button works , Actually the"set track activity" open out a list
with 11 options,and it is very fast to use. The same for the new track
color button that I appreciate so much.. : )

In addition, all the filters other than the conflictive 'Set DEM Data',
could also remain in the tab that they actually are, with no changes. So
everyone is happy.

If I had to choose a click on a dedicated  button or  more clicks  behind
the edit track tabs,  I would choose the first  :-)

If any help with icons is needed let me know : )

> I have two concerns regarding your solution:
> * It's taking a track filter from the filter section making it a normal
> action. If we start that, we have to discuss the other filters that do not
> use input parameters sooner or later, too.
> * The number of toolbuttons in the track bubble is already quite high. I
> fear that users get intimidated by too many buttons. That's why I would
> like to keep their number low. The last changes already increased them
> quite much.
> Maybe Rainer's suggestion is better. I could add a combobox to select the
> view.
> Oliver
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