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I have a route that was created with another tool and I've lost the track info & would like to convert it to a track so it's more useful on my Garmin.   I see in the wiki it says this:

To save this line convert the route into a track using the context menu entry|Convert to track|of the route and save the track.

But I don't see that anywhere.  I have qmapshack 1.5.1, perhaps this was added later, or am I missing something?

My recommendation is: update first to the newest QMS version which offers quite a lot of new features.

I don't know the version where the discussed menu entry was added. It is in QMS for quite a while. To use it, do the following:

- Load your route (e.g. in form of a GPX file) into the QMS workspace.
- Open the new project with the name of the GPX file, goto the route entry in the project. - Open the context menu with a right click on the route name and click the menu entry "Convert to track". This creates a new entry in the project in form of a track. - If the track is not the one you expected, then check if your routing support is properly installed and activated.



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