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> Hello friends,
> I am using RH8.0 Linux, Qmail-Scanner 1.21 and Perl 5.8.0
> I am getting the error "g_e_h: no sender and no recips" when 
> i try to send a test mail with qmail-scanner 1.21 enabled.
> I have tried searching everywhere on the list archives and 
> elsewhere, but all they suggest is the change of "STDOUT" to 
> "<&1"...but that does not apply to the code in qmail-scanner 
> 1.21. It was probably working for an earlier version of qmail-scanner.
> I have been trying hard to solve this but am a newbie to Perl 
> so not much help there...So I request of you Perl experts out 
> there - Please help me get rid of this error...

You'll see the same problem when you try to use Persistent Perl
#!/usr/bin/perperl (aka speedycgi) instead of #!/usr/bin/perl or
#!/usr/bin/suidperl (which has been discussed earlier as not-needed

The problem is perperl cannot read in the STDOUT of qmail-smtpd (since
the STDOUT of qmail-smtpd should be the STDIN for Q-S, but the STDIN for
Q-S is the actual email headers and body, not the envelope)...  Yes a
little confusing.

>From the man page...
       qmail-queue reads a mail message from descriptor 0.  It then
reads envelope information from descriptor 1.
       It places the message into the outgoing queue for future delivery
by qmail-send.

So, maybe if you are running with #!/usr/bin/suidperl, your suidperl
cannot read fd 1 to pull the envelope information correctly.   Try
switching to #!/usr/bin/perl which should invoke suidperl if your
qmail-scanner-queue.pl is setuid properly.

But I've never heard of this issue on RH8.0.



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