Dan and everyone else,

Please accept my apology for this screw up on my part. This was of course 
unintentional and I regret and probelms this may have caused. I was forced 
to switch pop/imap servers (from the UW patched one to cryus ) and was left 
with a bunch of mail sitting in users maildirs. Of course cyrus doesn't use 
maildirs so the only way I could think to "move" them was to "remail" them. 
I spent hours combing the mailing list archives and found several 
soultions. It appears that a few of my attempts failed badly.

Again I apologize to Dan and anyone else that was inconvienced by my stupidity.


At 03:02 PM 6/5/99 , D. J. Bernstein wrote:
>Last night, [EMAIL PROTECTED] reinjected thirty old messages from
>various authors to [EMAIL PROTECTED]
>This sort of idiocy happens much more often than most subscribers know,
>thanks to a broken piece of software by Eric Raymond called fetchmail.
>Fortunately, qmail and ezmlm have loop-prevention mechanisms that stop
>these messages before they are distributed to subscribers. The messages
>end up bouncing to the wrong place, thanks to another fetchmail bug, but
>at least the mailing list is protected.
>However, in this case, [EMAIL PROTECTED] eliminated all the fields
>that could possibly stop a loop---Delivered-To, Mailing-List, Received,
>Message-ID, even Date---before reinjecting the messages. Neither qmail
>nor ezmlm realized that these weren't valid new messages.

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