I am new to qmail and I am trying to set up the qmailanalog scripts to provide statistics and process the log files. I can't get any of it to work, I read the read-mes and man pages and am clueless. My installation follows the defaults in qmail, appears to work fine and uses mail directories owned by the user and placed beneath their home directories.
I ran the tai64local program against a copy of  a log and got human time stamps. I followed the steps on the matchup and got as far  as a file that had my log with a question mark on each line. After that errors all around. the next instructions on the manpage follow
          <log.1 matchup >out.1 5>pending.2
          cat pending.2 log.2 | matchup >out.2 5>pending.3
          cat pending.3 log.3 | matchup >out.3 5>pending.4
Is this some kind of log rotation or what? What's the deal with 5> in the first line? What on earth does that do? As you can tell I am totally lost. I really have tried to find this stuff in man pages, manuals and by searching the net, but I'm lost.
Is there a how-to or a kind soul who can explain step by step (with some expanations of what a given command is doing) for me. I would be glad to codify this for some kind of mini-how to or for inclusion with the scripts with the permission of the appropriate people.
Thank you
Dan Sichel
puzzled newbie

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