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Subject: Re: Handy way to restart qmail

> > If you install "Life with qmail"'s "qmail" script--which uses DJB's
> > daemontools--restarting qmail is done by:
> >
> >   qmail restart
> OK, so much for the quessing game.  I find no address to acquire this
> script at:
> http://Web.InfoAve.Net/~dsill/lwq.html
> http://Web.InfoAve.Net/~dsill/lwq.txt
> Lots of mentions of what to call for this or that situation *IF* you
> installed `qmail script' but no URL where it can be gotten.
> No mention of it in my source package or /var/qmail/doc
> Google searchs turn up many threads in various mail groups but still
> no URL.

Well, if you had read the lwq document, you would have found the script.
It's there, but to use it you have to follow the lwq recipe ;-) (rtfm)

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