I found a post from Russell Nelson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> dated 2000, Jan 01 
(Thank you Russell) where he recommends:

 a "reasonable [conf-split] size given the performance of the file
 system on the available hardware.  That is, in my experience, about
 3,000 for ext2 fs."

I have been having large queue performance issues on Linux I think are
related to the conf-split. I have changed my conf-split to 2999 (on a
single IDE disk, single proc pent II 350) but have not had a queue spike

When I was investigating this problem I came to the conclusion that I
should change the conf-split, but I completely missed the guess on what a
large jump I should make. I originally moved it to 83.

I also run Solaris 7.0 (SPARC) and FreeBSD 3.4 (Intel), are there maximum
conf-split recommendations for single proc, single IDE disk systems with
UFS and FFS?

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