* tejal  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Could anybody tell me that from where to get the tar or rpms for
> tcpserver for qmail, because i need to run qmail with tcpserver not
> with inetd.  i m working on RH 6.2.


But if you're not familiar with installing sources, I'd suggest trying
the following:

robin@radioactive ~> rpmfind --apropos tcpserver
Loading catalog to /home/robin/.rpmfinddir/fullIndex.rdf.gz
Searching the RPM catalog for tcpserver ...
1: ftp://rpmfind.net/linux/MandrakeCooker/contrib/RPMS/ucspi-tcp-0.88-3mdk.i586.rpm
  ucspi-tcp : tcpserver and tcpclient for building TCP client-server apps
Robin S. Socha <http://socha.net/>

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