On Sun, Jul 30, 2000 at 11:16:35AM +0200, Olivier M. wrote:
> > > PS: the thing with "-s" is ok, but I like the "original" vacation
> > > feature with $SUBJECT in _BODY_ much better : do you plan to add
> > > it to qmail-autorespond ?
> > Reluctantly, yes.  Would something like "%S" work for you?  That would
> > greatly simplify the parsing logic.
> Then '%SUBJECT' ?

Yes.  With two characters, the scanning logic for if the tag crosses a
page is fairly simple.  With 8, it's nasty.  I don't care if it's "%S",
"$S", "**", or whatever.  One character is trivial.  Two is simple.
Larger than two gets nasty.
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