From: Jens Hafsteinsson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>named does recursive queries by default according to the docs.

Well.. is your installation the default one? ;)

>Sorry, no luck with that one. This strongly suggest some local
>problem, but I just can't put my finger on it.

Sure, it is a local DNS config problem. See below.

>Oops. Just a typo. It says nameserver in the file.

Damn. Typos are good, you can correct typos :)

>Everything in named.conf seems fine. The zone "." looks like this:
>zone "." in
>  type hint;
>  file "db.cache";
>and the db.cache file contains the root servers.

In the right directory? I'm grabing at straws, here, but ...

>Well, if the problem lies with my resolver, are there any tools that I can
>use to simulate what qmail is trying to do? ping and nslookup seem t be
>working fine.
>Maybe some simple source code that I can fiddle with to figure this out?

The main difference between qmail and other software re DNS is that qmail
doesn't give a hoot about the /etc/hosts file. Everything is done through
DNS. As things stand now, I'd dump bind and try djbdns... unless you can get
someone to debug bind for you.

The tests I've done with using nslookup did ok. It's even
recursive. dnsq concurs, everything seems ok. If this was djbdns, with its
clearer binding to interfaces, I'd say that your DNS server is ok for
outside queries, but not correctly configured for local queries, and point
the proverbial finger at the culprit.

Next thing I'd suspect would be libc upgrade problems... what OS are you
running? I couldn't identify it remotely. It looks like Linux 2.2.14, but...
try to reinstall your libc's.

Did you install qmail from source or using a binary package?


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